Fresh Strapi Install not working (Closed)


I’m trying to create a new strapi install on my dev machine and it is painful. It just kind of dies.


(1) I ran an install yesterday and it seemed fine. I can still log into that strapi instance (in a different folder) and its good.

Time               │ Wed Oct 21 2020 10:42:59 GMT+1100 (Australian E… │
│ Launched in        │ 1081 ms                                          │
│ Environment        │ development                                      │
│ Process PID        │ 15416                                            │
│ Version            │ 3.2.4 (node v12.18.4)                            │
│ Edition            │ Community              

(2) Its pointing to Mongo on this instance. How exactly does this work? Is it possible to run multiple instances of Strapi in different directories, or does it all point to the same MongoDB?

Right now I’m just trying to get a process going to setup a clean strapi instance, but they seem to reference random mongoDB instances, and collections clash with each other.

I’m having to drop mongodb tables manually using - var mongo = db.getMongo(); mongo.getDBNames().forEach(function (dbname) { var db = mongo.getDB(dbname); db.dropDatabase(); }); - every single time. This seems silly?

Thanks in advance.

And in terms of a super simple question, why does strapi -v or something like that not work? Have I not correctly installed strapi-cli?

Ok - for some reason its now working. Very weird. Can’t seem to reliably replicate the issue, putting down to fact been playing with it just for few days.

Am closing this query, but would appreciate a response to the strapi version query if anyone knows.

We no longer recommend install the strapi package globally and instead suggest you use the built in script within the package.json instead. So something like yarn strapi version or npm run strapi version

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