Frontend nextjs / strapi work - part time. Finish off a nice strapi site

This is part time work to get a Strapi build across the finish line.

$50 hr.
Start date: 3-17

This is part time contract work. We have a Strapi build that we need to get over the finish line. The project is very far along. We have a ~10 pages to build out, a few components, and migrate content (mostly blog pages from a headless wordpress site).
We also need to optimize the build to improve pagespeed.
We have experienced a few bug like behaviors with images/videos not being populated properly and builds fail.

Stack: github, netlify, next, Digital Ocean app platform, managed postgres backend. Monorepo.

Hello @Brad_Anderson

PM sent, Please check.


Hi Brad,
Trust you are doing good!!

I am interested assisting you in building the required pages.
So could you let me know the frontend used on the Strapi and existing store url.

Looking forward to your response


Email sent

Hi! Nice to meet you Brad.
I have deep exp in strapi + next.js
Already I had build some apps for my friend using strapi.
Please send me DM.
Regards. Thanks.

We sort of completed the project but then strapi somehow managed to delete all of our content. Now I can’t delete the post here. So in short - we dont need any additional help unless you now how to fix the massive bugs in strapi that are causing random table deletions.

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Hi Bro, could you please share your strapi acc with me? To check and fix your bug, it needs to access your CMS. Maybe you had something wrong with the strapi configuration.
Anyway hope to help you.