Fullstack with Strapi

Hello all! I’ve used Strapi for some locale projects and I love It.
In my company we use Liferay for develop and I like the portlet concept used for develop web site.
I would like ti integrate that concept but for JavaScript framework (React,Anagular,Vue) and with Strapi.
Any ideas? Ty

Can you describe a bit more what you are looking for?

Ok, so with Liferay you can create a Page with no code and u can drag and drop widgets that are microfrontend in Java and JSP. So the teams don’t work on the same code when develop buy everyone develop a widget (portlet). The problem Is that Liferay don’t really like New js framework. So I want use Strapi as backend and I’m looking for somethings that can I integrate with him that let me ti develop in widget/portelt/microfrontend style.

We don’t really have any recommendations for a “drag and drop” interface builder as Strapi itself is a Headless CMS (meaning backend only). I’m sure there are some options out there that you could use and hook up to the content Strapi provides.

The type of solution you are referring to is what is called a decoupled CMS. Here is a rough explanation:

Ty for your reply. So I Will lose the Strapi power if I try to work like that. Maybe I could think about develop a Strapi plugin that help me to work as I wish. I will let you know if I find a solution. Ty.

No problem, if I see anything that might work with Strapi in this area I’ll be sure to reply with it, but so far I have not seen any interface builders yet.