Generate New Media Library Assets When Size Breakpoint is Changed

  • strapi v3:
  • OSX Monterey 12.4
  • PostgreSQL
  • node 14.18.1
  • npm 6.14.15
  • yarn 1.22.17

Hello, this feels like a simple thing, but I cannot figure out from the v3 docs.

We are using Strapi v3 as a CMS for a Nextjs app, and I am attempting to implement progressive image loading using a low quality asset that is blurred while the full image is loaded.

Obviously, I’d like the image I fetch to be as small as possible, and Nextjs even recommends providing a 10px asset to their blurdataurl prop.

I know that I can add image breakpoints, and I have added a “tiny” breakpoint according to the upload plugin docs

However, as it says in the docs linked, setting a new breakpoint does not generate new assets for images already in your library.

Is there a way around this which I can use to force generation of new assets for all images in my media library? It is not practical to manually re-upload every image in our (and our client’s) CMSes in order to have a new image size available.

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Did you find any solution for this ?

Have the same issue :melting_face: