Get Component fields inside Custom Plugin

I need to get fields to display inside select in my Custom Plugin

      name: 'EntryTitle', // name of the field
      pluginId: pluginId,
      type: 'string', // type of the customField

      // Label of the field, you will see it when use the field
      intlLabel: {
        id: 'relation-entry-title.Plugin.label',
        defaultMessage: 'Relation Entry Title',

      // Description of the field, you will see it when use the field
      intlDescription: {
        id: 'relation-entry-title.Plugin.description',
        defaultMessage: 'Relation Entry Title Description',
      icon: PluginIcon,

      // import our created component here which is Input/index.js
      components: {
        Input: async () =>
      options: {
        base: [
            name: 'options.relation',
            type: "select",
            intlLabel: {
              id: 'form.attribute.item.dependency',
              defaultMessage: 'Relation field',
            description: {
              id: 'form.attribute.item.dependency.description',
                "Set field to build Entry Title",
            options: [
              // here i need to display all fields inside component where im using my custom plugin
        validator: (args) => {
          return ({
            relation: yup.string().required({
              id: "options.relation.required.error",
              defaultMessage: "Relation is required",

How i can get fields on this step?

Inside Relation Field should be all fields inside component

there should be FullName and author fields.