Get Empty array when call get mothod

I Create a simple collection type (Articles) and I fill it by some dummy data.

now in settings → User & Permissions PLUGIN → Roles → Public I add this configuration to allow some crud function on my Articles collection:
Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

But when I call my endpoint like http://localhost:1337/articles in postman Or chrome I got empty array.

What is mistake?

Hey @Ali_Tazik, did you publish your content? Strapi has a draft/publish system that sets your content state to draft by default after saving (only when using the strapi admin). That might be it.


Thanks bro

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No problem! :+1:

You saved 1 day of relentless tries. It was this simple! :pray:

Hey @Richard_Nsama, I’m having the empty array as well when trying the GET method on a collection I created, for which I added data as well. I have saved the content so many times and the server restarted but I still see an empty array in the collection data from the GET method. However, when I use the GET method on an individual entry I get the actual data.

Note: I am using strapi version 4.14.4

Screenshots attached below: