Get Images with ReactJS

System Information
  • ** [v3.2.5]**:
  • Windows 10 with WSL ubuntu:
  • PostgreSQL:
  • v12.18.0:
  • 6.14.4:
  • 1.19.0:

Hi, I have an image with fields uploaded in Collections Type.
I can get the fields with JSON.Stringify, but I need to get the values from the json string. I’ve tried a lot of ways to do the parse, but it just don’t work. This is the code that brings the stringify

import React, { FC } from “react”

import { useFazemosList } from “Api/OQueFazemos”

import Loading from “Components/Loading”

export const ListAll: FC = () => {

const { data, error, isLoading } = useFazemosList()

// if is loading data

if (isLoading) return

// if there were any errors

if (error) return

error: { error?.message ?? “” }

// if reached here, we know that data is loaded and there is no error

const test = data!

return (








export default ListAll

And this is how it returns


How can I make the parse and be able to get the values and the url to put in a img tag?
Sorry for my english

for original image:

return (
    <img src={data.url} />

or for thumbnail:

return (
    <img src={data.formats.thumbnail.url} />