Get Private Fields via PHP?

Hi there,

Strapi has been a blast to use, but I am facing one problem, I understand that fields that are marked “Private” do not show up in the API response. But how can we access them from a secure server side - we are using PHP for our project for example.

Are there any docs explaining how to retrieve private fields so we can decide what to do before we send them client side?

I have had a good read through most of the Strapi docs and can’t find much relating to this.



i guess with API key may be. what do you think ?

Private fields are excluded via API requests - so there must be another way to access them…

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I am also very new then I guess the user must have a valid session/owner of the private object

I am also very new but I assume it must be the best try as I really can’t see any options from the ui to use the grant option over any object to delegate access from one strapi user to another. only a few options are there in ce eg. find, find only, etc.