Getting SSL for strapi on subdomain

Hi, i’m on VPS under Ubuntu, i got nginx proxying strapi to right now i’m trying to get to issue me a cert, i try to point it to myStrapiApp/public but i get only 404 out of it, any hint

So with Let’s Encrypt you have a few different challenge methods:

  • HTTP-01 or commonly called file based using .well-known
  • DNS-01 using a DNS API (Cloudflare, ect)

What it appears you are trying to do is the HTTP-01 method and attempting to use a Strapi folder to handle that (proxy). If you absolutely need HTTP-01 then you will want to define a more standard directory within Nginx to handle that. However I personally recommend you use DNS-01 as it doesn’t rely on the server to host a file (complex routing, ect) and instead uses your DNS hosts API to create a TXT record.

For some usage with DNS-01 and see this page on their wiki: dnsapi · acmesh-official/ Wiki · GitHub

As a small benefit to DNS-01 you can also issue “Wildcard” certificates so that you only need to manage one cert for all of your subdomains aka *.domain.tld

Which DNS provider are you using for your domain?