Getting started does not mention how to publish draft collection types

Following along the tutorial on this page:

When I get to the end, and follow through to test with some client code (in this case Python), I find that the restaurant created is not visible because it is draft content. It is not a error, the collection type exists, just the sample restaurant does not, so the client code returns an empty array.

Searching in the docs and these forums does not reveal an in-context answer. Clicking on the draft State button while viewing the draft content leads to a confusing statement about “do you really want to” could cause errors etc. The docs say that a publish button should appear in the upper right hand corner, but not on my screen.

I’ll try just publishing each one separately and hope I don’t mess up what I’ve already done.


OK, so that worked, but you might want to mention it as the finally step before going to the client code part of the tutorial. (I take it that draft was made the default recently.)

It was and I believe you are correct we either need to update that or we need to make the draft & publish disabled by default.

Poking @Aurelsicoko / @sam-pires / @Jab regarding the default

As for the fix in the guide would you be open to creating a PR to the docs to adjust this? If not that’s alright I can add it into our backlog to fix.


We are waiting to get more data to understand what’s the distribution of content-types created using the Draft & Publish feature. Then, we could adjust the default behavior and disable it if necessary.