Hapi.js or Express.js which one is best?

Hello Everyone, I am working on a web application and I am confused to choose the right framework between hapi.js and express.js which is more suitable for web applications. Can anyone suggest me?

Between hapi.js and express.js, I would recommend: Strapi.js

P.S. I’ve noticed that your posts are not related to strapi at all, I think you are confusing the Strapi’s Community Forum with stackoverflow. Are you a Strapi user?

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I would Express.js

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I have found this list for node js framework and I will go with Hapi.js

One of the most significant differences between Hapi or HttpAPI and Express is the presence of middleware. Express needs middleware to parse objects, while Hapi does not need it. Apart from the middleware, many other features differ in Express and Hapi.

I prefer Koa.js (which is what powers Strapi’s backend)