[HELP] Building a project based on existing structure

Hi everyone,
I have a folder structure that I want to migrate to Strapi but could not decide how to build it. I also have more than this structure which can be seen in below structure. I tried to create collection type for each of them and add relation but when I tried create an entry, it was though to track the way through parent. Can you guys give an advice for building complex structure? Thanks in advance.

I think you need to flatten your structure

At this time strapi doesn’t have “conditional” fields and you can’t change set of input fields based on previous input.

That’s why you need to open all fields to input

Maybe your next question will be about validation.
I don’t try validation myself - but strapi have beforeCreate hook - if a set of data don’t pass validation - you can set draft/publish property to draft - or add validated field to collection and set it to true or false according to validation result

Thank you for your answer. But these expensive, cheap etc. are not condition. These are actually endpoints. I mean, I should have send request like restaurant/expensive/self-service/have-garden, then I want to get response as { attributeA: ‘bla’, attributeB: ‘bla’ }

And also I may send request like restaurant/expensive and should have get a response like {self-service: { have_garden: { attributeA: ‘bla’, attributeB: ‘bla’ } }}.

Apart from these, these are actually based on roles. One user which has permission to create an entry for expensive, should not see the cheap entries while doing this from Strapi UI.

You can see:

You can expand model controller and write :
const { user} = ctx.state.user
And you can checks rights for current user next in your code