Help to create a new Section's component

Hello all, I’m customizing (and contributing) the great corporate starter.
One important feature I’m trying to implement is to be able to directly link selected Articles in the Home.
I think I’m almost there… these are the steps I took:
In the Admin>

  • Create a new component Article List with a field articles
    Article List has many Articles

  • Add Article List to the contentSections's Dynamic Zone of the Page collection

  • Content Manager> in Page Home add the Article List section and a couple of Articles

In the frontend src/app/[lang]/utils/section-renderer.tsx I’ve add

import BlogList from '@/app/[lang]/views/blog-list';
    case "sections.article-list":
      return <BlogList key={index} data={section} />;

but I got an error:

- error src/app/[lang]/views/blog-list.tsx (56:18) @ map
- error TypeError: is not a function
    at PostList (./src/app/[lang]/views/blog-list.tsx:22:36)
    at stringify (<anonymous>)
digest: "1064858862"
  54 |     <section className="container p-6 mx-auto space-y-6 sm:space-y-12">
  55 |       <div className="grid justify-center grid-cols-1 gap-6 sm:grid-cols-2 lg:grid-cols-3">
> 56 |         { => {

So it seems the section passed is not a list of articles. What should I do?
What do you use to debug?

I want to add a little more background info to hopefully receive some help:
If I hit (with insomnia) http://localhost:1337/api/pages?locale=en&filters=home I don’t get the articles:

						"id": 1,
						"__component": "sections.article-list"

So it seems a problem related to populate, but I’ve tried to use populate=* both in Next and in insomnia but it doesn’t returns the articles relational field.
Also the filter=slug doesn’t appears to work: I’ve always get all the pages as a response (I’ve added an About page to test out),
I’ve run out of ideas

I’m still stuck with this populate problem, I think I got the syntax but still doesn’t work.
To recap: Page has a dynamic zone (contentSections) with article-list component that has a field articles with relation to Article
I’ve tried with:

    populate: [


    populate: {
        populate: {
          articles: {
            populate: '*',


    populate: {
      articles: {
        populate: '*',

neither works!
To test this out and get a json I’ve created a new route in Next.js here is the full code
What I’m doing wrong?
(For test I’ve also added to article-list a title and a Component the title is retrieved automatically but not the Component I don’t know why)

No wonder I could not find the fetch used to retrieve the pages they are in page-populate-middleware.js in the backend not in the frontend!!!
This was very confusing it should be documented somewhere!
Once discovered I was able to populate the relational field just by adding:

      articles {
        populate: true,

thanks for all the help:/