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Hi I’m new here and new to Strapi. I understand what I’ve read from the docs so far and I’ve created the models but I’m having a hard time setting up strapi with handlebars.
So far, I’ve moved my css and js folders as well as my index.html into the public folder but I don’t know what to do next

We don’t recommend serving your frontend from the public folder as if you have multiple pages (or even just a SPA) you will hit issues due to koa-router not being aware of those routes (especially with SPAs)

Strapi is headless meaning it’s designed to run on it’s own not integrated with a frontend into one node process. Generally we only suggest a single page (index.html) to be used in the public folder, usually for things like a meta refresh redirect.

Your frontend should be hosted separately and call the Strapi APIs over REST or GraphQL.

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Thank you for this @DMehaffy