Highly customizing the admin panel

Dear All,

My boss requests me to highly customize the strip admin panel, he would like to add some new function and pages, and also want me to display different layout for different admin users. The question is what should I do? Should I rebuild a new frontend admin panel that link to the strapi or should I just modify the admin panel of strapi? I also didn’t see any API documents about the admin panel too, such as login in to the admin panel by REST API and get the JWT ? Is there any documents about the strapi admin panel API? Please give me some advice as I am not really familiar with Strapi, thanks in advance

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Well, in my case I had the same issue(request).

I started from modifying the homepage, as I added some custom layout there related to our company (dashboards, quick access to other plugins and so on).

After that I’ve created custom plugins and added all my custom layout/functions there.

Menu and header remained actually the same, but from menu I deleted all the content types so now I have there only my plugins.

Also to display layouts based on roles you should upgrade your strapi license to get custom roles. That way you create custom roles and then in the custom plugins you can verify what permissions user has and display things conditionally.

Is it possible to add custom UI to left sidebar ?
I need to add a drop-down on left side bar.

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can you please share your plugin with empty dashboard? Is it possible to open your empty dashboard on “http://localhost:1340/dashboard” and that strapi dashboad stays at “http://localhost:1340/admin/” ?