Hosting Strapi on Raspberry Pi?

I’m thinking about hosting Strapi on a Raspberry Pi and am wondering whether anyone else has done it? I’d love to hear some tips if so! I’m particularly interested in whether you found the performance acceptable?

For some background - the Strapi instance will not be used particularly heavily, and will be consumed by a Gatsby site. So, there won’t be too many concurrent API requests going on (since AFAIK Strapi queries will only be made during site build), just somewhat concerned about what the editing performance will be like.

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Hi @tfinlay,

As your Raspberry Pi act like a typical VPS you can use PM2 in order to host your Strapi application on it :wink:

Fore more details: Process Manager - Strapi Developer Documentation

I’ve just tried to deploy a gastby-strapi app on heroku and failed. I will try it on a Raspberry Pi next.

Did you succeed in that?

I want to host Strapi on Rasberry Pi toooooo