How and where does strapi store its databases?

I created a strapi application with postgreSQL, created some types and data and uploaded it to GitGub, then cloned it to my VPS server and … The data that I created on my local machine is now on the server! How so? Shouldn’t I be copying the database separately?

In the repository itself, I couldn’t find the database in any way, now I don’t understand at all how my data was transferred to the server?
Where does strapi get it from and where does it store the data?

Hi and welcome to the Strapi Community @Bespalov-D-A :cake:

That depends how you setup config/database.js
By default that is setup to use sqlite.

And by default this file is in gitignore so it would not be sent to github.
Check the file to make sure you configured it to use postgres.

Also if it was a local postgres the data would not be copied over as it’s in your local postgres and not in the remote one

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Damn, great job! It really was! In the background, a postgresql database was running on my local machine and the data was actually pulled from the local machine.

Just amazing stuff. I didn’t know it could work like this. Thanks a lot!