How can i be exporting Strapi's content data to excel

System Information
  • **Strapi Version: 4.04
  • **Operating System: Manjaro
  • **Database: SQLite
  • **Node Version: 14.18.3
  • **NPM Version: 8.5.1

I’m a newbie to strapi and nodejs and i’m using strapi version 4, trying to find a way i can be exporting some data from content-types to excel. tried the excel-export plugin and it didn’t show on the UI until i edited the config/plugins.js

`module.exports = () => ({

excelexport: {

    resolve: './plugins/excel-export',

    enabled: true,



and it showed up on the plugin list but not functioning


i don’t understand this plz help. how can i do this?
thanks in advance.

It’s possible this plugin is not ported to Strapi v4, in which case it won’t work for you. Here’s an idea for how to implement this, though. I assume you just need to output some data in CSV format, rather than actual XLS.

  1. Implement a custom route and controller for exporting data. This can be a general route or it can live under a specific content-type if you’re just trying to export that specific content-type (e.g either /api/export or /api/restaurants/export).
  2. In the controller, get your data. This can be done in a number of ways, either calling the find controller/service or using the entityService.
  3. Once you have the data, simply set it in your ctx.body in CSV format.