How can I change the displayed value of a field in the “list view”

I have a custom field which requests a list of universities from one of our other microservices to populate a select list.

This all works fine, the value of each option is the integer ID of the university and this gets stored correctly in the database.

When viewing an item in list view, that field obviously displays as an integer ID, which isn’t very useful for our users.

Is there a way of me transforming that back to the name of the university on render?

NOTE - the plugin which creates the custom field requests the universities on initialisation and stores the results in redux so they are globally available for lookups.

Thanks for any help!

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Yea, why not, if you store your data as json

You can stor the name along with ID

Thanks, is there a way of customising what part of that JSON gets returned by the API?
Also, how can I extract the name and change the list view? Can’t see any instructions anywhere

Wonder witch list is that

And can you screenshot the actual view currently

So the “LearningProvider” column is showing the ID, where I want it to show the name.
Its worth noting that the name can change over time, where the ID won’t, which is why I want to store the ID and return it from API calls

Gonna need you schema.json also

You can try check here

There is fields and pen button

What do you need the schema file for?
That cog menu doesn’t give me any customisation options for that field.

I need to know witch format your learning provider is stored

It’s just a single number, a unique identifier

It’s a custom field I have created which performs a lookup against an API to display the name

Well that’s why it is displayed as number then :wink:

I don’t think you really can do anything about it

The problem that json is not going to be displayed there at all

I know why it’s displayed as a number, I was asking if there was any way to override the view so I could convert the number back to the name using the api results i have stored in redux