How can i customize the admin panel fromtend?


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patch package for now, no way out of the box in v4

<@347119534957789187> do you mean using patch-package - npm to patch the strapi base package?

can i fix the interface for strapi admin?

Yes, made edits to the npm package for Strapis design system, or add custom code to override it, then patch-package to create a patch, you can then rerun the patch on strapi updates (npm/yarn do this for you)

Does patch-package work for strapi above v4.15.0. if so then how to add custom code to override the admin panel

patch-package is not strapi specific, it’s a way to write custom packages for your dependencies. You can customise Strapi by adding your own styles or overriding the UI library packages strapi uses. It’s customisable in a sense, you’re editing the Strapi node module itself, patch-package can be included in your install scripts as a post install command. So if you upgrade, your patch can try to rerun, it can also detect conflicts.