How can i deploy strapi on namecheap (shared hosted) and what's the file that lunch strapi app

System Information
  • Strapi Version: last
  • Operating System: any
  • Database: any
  • Node Version: last
  • NPM Version: last
  • Yarn Version: last

At this time and for the foreseeable feature we do not support shared hosting and there is no specific file that is needed to run Strapi.

Shared hosting is usually very limited in what you are allowed to run and Strapi must be ran as a service not just files copied to a server like PHP.

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thanks a lot

hello, i started this endeavor also, and at the last step of the process for some reason, i get “You need to run strapi start in a Strapi project. Make sure you are in the right directory”
i have installed strapi globally and using v4 and i am using node 14.20.1.
commands used:
NODE_ENV=production npm run build
also npm run build

to be clear i am in a project where there is a strapi project. this error appears on start and build.
Some extra info i was using the same instructions as here: How to Deploy Strapi MySQL on a Traditional Hosting Provider.

not sure if it helps but here is the server.js file that was generated when creating the node app

My guess is that somehow the environment is at fault but not sure about this

If this is the case u might want to get this post taken down (or flagged at least) as it creates a lot of false hope for prospective strapi users

will do that. For anyone that comes here, there are hosting providers that do offer a functional node environment but the one mentioned in the post is not ok imo