How can I differentiate between a request coming from the content-manager (in admin end) and API request in front-end when hooking into the life-cycle methods

I’ve tried several ways on how to differentiate request coming from the content-manager in admin and API request on front-end by getting the request object using (, but that through an error that the ‘url’ is undefined inside any of the life-cycle hooks, don’t know why.

So am curious if it’s possible to actually know a request is from the admin end by using any Strapi utility methods.

Hi! Does anybody know a proper way to do this? I solved this by checking if any of my event?.params?.data values that are a relation have a connect property.
Like so:

if (!event?.params?.data?.term?.connect) {
 // backend
} else {
 // frontend

But this feels like a hack and does not work if you have no relations in your data…