How can I hide or remove or disable "Forgot your password?" from admin login screen in strapi CMS

How May I hide or remove or disable “Forgot your password?” from admin login screen in Strapi CMS, please help me out on this issue

I am unsure why you would want to do this.

If it is for end user signup - build a custom login/signup page for them using the API and your own frontend, you can omit anything from this you choose, such as “forgot your password”

If you wanted to edit Strapi’s admin login page you can do this by editing the npm package itself and using patch-package to ensure the change is patched and the change is included in source control.

Thanks let me check, one more thing May I use patch-package it is right way to do.

It is not recommended to edit the Strapi standard login page. But it is possible using patch-package. You could simply remove the forgot your password button, patch that and you’re set.

However, I would consider building your own auth page that does not have this, and keep the Strapi login page specific for content editors/moderators or super admins. As they may have a need to reset their password in the future.

Your end users may also need to reset their passwords, but without context to your project, I cannot say for sure which solution is right for you.

@webbist Thanks buddy, I will check

How to remove the forgot your password button from Strapi admin login screen, please help me to remove this button

Also help me for patch-package step and process