How can I retrive the media url from the routes showing only the id in the media object

“media”: {

                "id": 1


The above is the result that I got when I call the registrations route, I have uploaded the photos and integrate with S3. In the response, I got the media showing the id only. How can I try to achieve showing the url of related images.
Below is my media components,

When calling the /api/v1/upload/files routes, I got all the files uploaded to S3. Is there a way to display the url in the response?

Any kind suggestions and tips are welcomed. Thanks.

I think you can api/upload/files/:id to get a single file.

Hi Eventyret,

I’m really appreciate for your comment. I’ve tried api/upload/files/:id before and I have only the file by the id which are not related to the resources here, GET api/registrations. This is my concern to know how I can retrieve the media by id from GET api/registrations. The id here 1 doesn’t represent the file in the api/upload/files route.

This is the response get from api/upload/files

The response are all the files uploaded through strapi dashboard.

You can use “populate” attribute on query.

An example

Article: {

add to endpoint of articles populate param, and you get all data of media object.