How can I use users collection in Strapi Plugin Io

Hi! I’d like to use users id as channel, to communicate an mobile app to our front end app, I dont need to persist the data, so I’d like to always send a json file with the user coords, but using a exclusive channel per user. I already create some channels, but for everyone, so I’d like a step by step way to receive that data in my front end, thank you!

this is my config:

  io: {
    enabled: true,
    config: {
      IOServerOptions: {
        cors: { origin: "http://localhost:3000", methods: ["GET"] },
      contentTypes: {
        message: "*",
        chat: ["create"],
        vehicles: "*",
      events: [
          name: "connection",
          handler: ({ strapi }, socket) => {
            // console.log(socket);
            //`[io] new connection with id ${}`);
            socket.on("setLocation", (data) => {
              // console.log(data);
              setTimeout(() => {
                socket.emit("getLocation", data);
              }, 1000);
            socket.on("join", function (room) {

as I said before, I already communicate both, but using common channels, not exclusive channels. What recommend you?