How do I create a user dashboard for every authenticated user on my website from where each user can update their details?

System Information
  • Strapi Version 3.3.3:
  • Operating System Mac OS Catalina:
  • MySQL:
  • v12.16.1:
  • 6.14.8:

I’m working on a pretty basic e-commerce website. I’ve build both authentication and registration and now I want to go further, creating a dashboard on my Nuxt front end, for every user that registers on the website.

Also, I’d like that every user to be able to update their information.

Tried to find some documentation for it but without success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A dashboard where? In the Strapi UI or on your custom front-end?

Ohh, sorry, my bad, I’ve updated the thread.

On my Nuxt front end.

I managed to extract all the info per user and display it in the dashboard, but now I need to be able to let every user update the details (email, address etc.)

You will need to look at using put to update the values,
Be sure you give the permissions needed for the users to update their details, this can be found under: