How do I go about exporting static json from Strapi

How can I export static json to a destination instead of fetching the data from API?
I just want to use Strapi to update the news and the data structure is not that complicated (Also no image).

Hi there @tboat and welcome to the strapi forums.

If you want to update the data in json why not use it in a database, if it’s not complicated it structure it won’t take to make either. If it’s not a collection you can use a component. :+1:

If you wan to update it I would suggest not use a static json file. But if you want to go the path you are saying I would make a route in the API, then read the file and return it.

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No, we don’t plan to implement such a thing as that would go against the point of Strapi as a headless CMS.

Strapi is designed so that all end-user interactions (or at least the frontend application) should go over a common medium (REST or GraphQL).

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