How do I nest Dynamic Zones? Or how do I do CSS grids?

I have a headless page that’s gets all its contents from Strapi.

I want it to be as much flexible as possible, therefore I’m trying to recreate a layout grid with Strapi. Something like Bootstrap’s Grid.

How do I achieve that?

The simplest approach would be:

  • grid component, that takes row components as children,
  • row accepts columns as children,
  • column has Dynamic Zone and accepts multiple different components.

This way I can create any layouts I like, the problem is Dynamic Zones does not seem to be supported outside of Content Types. Has anyone tried making a dynamic grid in Strapi? Can I look at some examples, maybe within starter files?

Thanks for your help!


Anything new about this? I’m looking for a similar solution. I would like for a dynamic page object in strapi where users can decide how many columns they want in a row on their pages, and then the ability to insert text and images in those grids.

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I need exactly the same.

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I’m struggling it as well…

Hey, I am looking for the same thing, anything new to that?

Same here. Any solution?

Any update on this?

I think what we’re waiting for is this issue here: Dynamic Zone in Components | Content Editing XP | Strapi

You can upvote that and request for feature!