How do I share media between items?

I have a model called “product” that comes in 5 enumerated “finishes”. Each product-finish combination is a separate row (am I doing this right?). I want to associate the product with a 3d model (STL). But I don’t want to upload the same STL to each finish, I want each finish to share the same media of the product. Is there a way to share media between items? Maybe there is a way to upload to the media library, and then get a URL for the media, and store the hyperlink instead of the STL itself? Or is there a better way to make variants of a “product” model that I don’t know about?
I am running Strapi connected to Azure Blob Storage to hold the media files. I will be creating product items programatically through the API.

All media files can be shared between any number of entities from any number of models. There is no restriction here.

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How do I assign a media file to a content object when I post? URL?

Hi Steve,

Where you able to find a solution?

I haven’t had a chance to test it because I am still trying to upload any content at all through the API.

Hmmm maybe this snippet might help. In a nutshell, it uploads a png QR code image saved on disk and associates it with a QR code collection type in the Image field.

const setUpQRCodeUploadData = (qrCodeId) => ({ data: { refId: qrCodeId, ref: 'api::qr-code.qr-code', field: 'Image' } })
const setUpQRCodeUploadFiles = (filePath, slug) => ({ files: { path: filePath, name: url.slugCreator(slug) + '.png', type: 'image/png', size: fs.statSync(filePath).size } })

const uploadImageToStrapi = async (data, files) => {
    try {
        await strapi.service('plugin::upload.upload').upload({, ...files })
    } catch (e) {
        throw e

const uploadQRCodeImageToStrapi = async (qrCodeId, slug, filePath) => {
    const uploadData = setUpQRCodeUploadData(qrCodeId)
    const uploadFiles = setUpQRCodeUploadFiles(filePath, slug)
    await uploadImageToStrapi(uploadData, uploadFiles)

It took me a while to figure out that the ref in the data object has to be prefixed with api::. Would this be, more or less, what you are trying to accomplish?

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@braulio.balanza, @dmehaffy
I am now able to upload a file. But I am not sure how to link it to an item in a collection. I could take the URL of the media (I store it on Azure) and save it as a URL on the object. But that doesn’t seem right; it is a URL, not a media object, and I can only assign one, not a collection. How do I assign a previously-uploaded media file to a field of type media, assuming I have the data from the upload post response?

After reading the documentation, I think I have an idea of how this might work.

I don’t think I can upload the media and link it to a product. Instead, I can upload my STL in the process of creating an object called “Model-3D”. Upload - Strapi Developer DocsThen I make a “Product” item. Following the GraphQL example I can send a put request that will assign the Model-3d item to the Product item, calling the Product item as the target of the API and passing in the Model-3d id. That example is here: GraphQL API - Strapi Developer Docs]

Or, I can create the Model-3d object with attached binary, and then while creating the Product assign the Model-3D Id as a relation by passing in the Model-3D id.

Or am I over-complicating things? Can I upload media first, and assign the media’s ID to the product, even though the media is orphaned and not assigned to an item in a collection?

Just to circle back, my goal is to assign one media object to multiple Products, so I cannot upload the media while creating the product, because I don’t want a duplicate media for all the products.