How do I use internationalization with single types?

System Information
  • *Strapi version v4.13.7:


I wanna use multible languages on single types, my problem is I dont have the option in the content manager to switch language like I have with the collection types. Do I have to activate it speratly for the single types somewhere?
With the collection types I can change language without problem the single types just miss that Option for me.

Hello @wander hope this reply finds you well, is super easly to use internationalization in your single types, but you can check this part from documentation
However if have any difficults I am here to help you!

I uhm dont get it. Is there any Option to have it like it is with collection types? I can just go into the part where I also type in the data and I have an option on the right side to switch languages (in the administration). I dont have this option for any single type. For the collection I have it for them all since I activated it in the Options under internationalization.

Hey @wandresPAN, Yes I think I had question now, here a quick guide:

  1. Enable Localization for Single Type:
  • Open your Single Type in the Content Type Builder.
  • For each field you want to be translatable, you need to enable localization. Click on the field, and under the “Advanced Settings,” enable the “Localized” option.
  1. Translate Content:
  • Once you’ve enabled localization for your fields, you can create translations for each entry.
  • In the Strapi admin panel, when you create or edit an entry for your Single Type, you’ll see tabs for each enabled locale. You can add translations for each field accordingly.
  1. Accessing Translated Content in API:
  • Strapi will automatically handle serving the correct translation based on the request’s locale.
  • When making requests to your Strapi API, you can include the locale parameter in the query string to specify the desired language.

The problem is there is no “Localized” option within the advanced settings tab.

Normally, You need to configure it when or where to create the types, as mentioned above

Yes Iam in the Content Builder.
Here a Full Page screenshot

There is sadly no internationalization option.

Same when I try to create a new entity instead of editing

Ah I found it not for every option but in the fingle type options directly. Thanks

You are editing the filed not the content type
1st Internationalization | Strapi Documentation
you need to add the i18n languages you want if this option is not avalible and you are a super-admin that means that the I18n plugin is not installed or you did not rebuild the admin
then in the content-type builder you can press edit next to the collection name to change it (if you can’t see it it means you don’t have the right permisisons

As I saw the editing you make is not in the content type but in the field, first install i18n and rebuild your admin, then add internationalization to your content type.

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Thank you for the help :slight_smile: