How do we transfer or save production data held on Heroku

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How can I transfer my data to a new hosting provider

As we all know Heroku is getting rid of their free tier so now we have to ask ourselves how do we transfer all our valuable data?

I imagine I am not the only person that has this on their mind as anyone who was on Heroku will probably at least consider switching to a new provider

Is there a way to do this? If not I think it should be a high priority. Is this just me or is anyone else in this position?

It’s not only you.

It is an important aspect to consider since a majority of developers have their Strapi applications hosted on Heroku :thought_balloon:


Checkout this post he might’ve just saved us:

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Thank you so much :partying_face:

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This is great I was wondering how to download my DB from Heroku.

Make Sure you like his post too so he gets the credit