How do you create entities from Nuxt?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to extend Strapi’s functionality in order to allow, for example, a Super Admin to create entities from the front end (Nuxt). Tried to go over some documentation but I find it pretty confusing.

Any points would be hugely appreciated.

@AlexCFurtuna To be sure that I understand what you want to achieve, do you want to create content types, or entities inside the content type?

Ohh shoot, entities. My bad.

@AlexCFurtuna Got it,

  1. Create a new Role, called Admin and add permissions to it:
    • Navigate to SETTINGS - User’s roles
    • Click the Add new role
    • Add Name and Description to id. (example: Admin & Permission for admin)
    • Scroll down under Permissions , open the Application tab and find your desired content-type. Click the checkbox next to desired permissions for this admin role.
    • Click Save
  2. Create a new User and add the Admin Role to it.
  3. From the front-end, Login with this user and retrieve the token for future requests.
  4. Make an authenticated request by using JWT from the step 3.

It now returns this: POST http://localhost:1337/beers 403 (Forbidden).

I’m logged in with the Admin role.

Can you share the screenshots which confirms that Admin user has the Admin Role and the Admin Role has Create permission for the beers content type?

Hey @sunnyson. Hope this helps.

Here’s the one saying the user is admin :

And this is the one saying the admin has all the permissions:

@sunnyson any ideas of how to extend this?