How does strapi integrate with Rest API in general

Hello, I am new to “headless” CMS, and would like to understand how to use strapi in our project.
Our backend has Rest endpoints to create/update content of one of our web page. That’s a new web page, we don’t have any CMS yet, currently we just manually call that rest endpoint to update content in our datastore. We are planning to create a “traditional” CMS on our own recently, and we just found this “headless” CMS concept, which seems to be applicable to us. So I am wondering how Strapi would integrate with our Rest API. e.g. how to define the model in strapi, and how to make it talk to our Rest Endpoints. Thanks in advance!


In general to interact with external resources it usually requires a custom controller/service/model lifecyle to fetch, update, or interact with other resources.

It largely depends on how you want to interact with the resource.