How many admin users are possible on the Community Edition?

I’m a little confused about the Community Plan of Strapi. It says that there are 3 default roles but doesn’t indicate if there is a cap on the number of Admin users.

Is it possible for me to have:
1 Super Admin
3 Editors
10 Authors

I searched the forum for similar questions but couldn’t find an answer. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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@justinalva Have you found any answer to this question?

I emailed Strapi and got an answer:

“In regards to your user needs, you can have as many users as you want on the Community Edition (CE). The caveat is that they have to fall within the three user types given in the CE.”

We confirm that in the CE you can have unlimited users.
But you will be limited by the three default roles.

Thanks for the confirmation on being able to have unlimited end users! Is it the same for admins - can I have an unlimited amount of administrators as well?

Hello @ptas
Yes, I confirm you can have unlimited admins.
What you can’t have are unlimited roles.