How the Marketing Team at Strapi Uses Strapi

You have just landed on this article, and there are several reasons for that:

In this article, we will cover how our marketing team uses Strapi daily to manage the content of our website because yes, in case you did not know, is made with Strapi and The React Framework for Production: Next.js.

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Hi there, Could you tell us what animation library is used on the strapi front page?

Sorry for the late reply @armanmbm, we use Lottie Animation :slight_smile:

@Mcastres are you able to direct me to instructions on how to use Lottie Animations with Strapi

Well, it’s pretty simple. On our website, we simply have a LottieAnimation component next to our image fields that contain parameters for our animation such as Loop (boolean), Loopdelay (Integer), PlayOnce (boolean), and a JSON field that will contain the JSON animation. We also have a text field for mentioning the animation link instead of the JSON.

Then on the front end, you simply have to render a specific Lottie image component based on the data from Strapi. I hope it makes sense!