How to access admin type API route of server from Plugin Admin panel UI

I have created my plugin to interact with stripe and I have completed the actual requirement but the issue was I have added all the plugin APIs in a public role, so I can access it from Postman without any issue.

Now I am going for deployment and I want to restrict my APIs and it can be callable only from my admin panel UI, I have tried many things and checked too many blogs to resolve this issue but it is not working

I am using useFetchClient from ‘@strapi/helper-plugin’ to call my API from the admin panel UI

Here is how I am defining my routes.

After changing it from content-api to admin type, it was gone from the admin panel permissions ( Settings => Roles => [Role] => Permissions

I am getting 405 status with Method Not Allowed

I strictly want to restrict my APIs so they can only be callable from my admin panel UI not from anywhere

Got a solution,

Just remove /api from the URL