How to add a custom listener to a Backend GUI Element in the ContentManager

System Information
  • 4.14:
  • Ubuntu:
  • MySQL:

Hi all,

I’ve created a lots of components which can be added into a dynamic zone. Now I want to add a feature, that if somebody of backend developers add a component to a dynamic zone and select a relation to an another component, that the view is changing depending on that relation he choosed. For instance, we have a relation to an article with id=1. An article has several existing component elements. If the developer selects the article with id = 1, the view will be automaticly updated and the components will be shown. Therefore I have to “install” a listener inside the view which listens to a “mouse click” on the drop down element. But how I can add / extend the view the backend of strapi? I searched hours of the really good docs of strapi, but they only suggest to extend with the help of services and so on. It seems that no possibility exists to extend the view or to add several listeners that are acting “live”.

I hope my image describes the problem I have in a better way :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!