How to Add Content & On Page in Strapi Website

I am a professional SEO and recently I got a project name Xiong Zhi Group and I need to do On page of this website and want to add content in this site but my seniors said that "This website is using NODE JS. So can’t do Onpage of this website. Is there any easier way to solve this issue?

Hi, maybe i am wrong but you’r not supposed to create a “page” with srapi. You should create your own front or just using a CMS like Wordpress. Strapi is just a headless cms. I hope it helped you.

I heard you need to register and you’re not supposed to create a new page

Is database is essential in Strapi Websites?
Cause the Client just provided me the backup of strapi files that are old version of stapi but no database found in it.
And I created a new project in the latest version of strapi and replaced all the files with my backup files but it didn’t worked. :neutral_face: What could be the solution of this? Cause I’m new in strapi…

There is only one way through which you can do it on page that you must have access of this site like another website have and must follow Dehumidifier which is best for mold.