How to add Froala as the default Wysiwyg Editor on Strapi?

was anyone able to add Froala as the default editor for the admin?
I managed to install Quill Editor but Froala has some more functionality such as table styling which is why i’m trying to integrate it with strapi.

So I managed to add Froala as the editor. I can write in it and save the data. But upon reloading the page the editor is empty…
Does anyone know how to initialize the model with the data I saved previously?

Welp, I managed to get it to work xD
There was an issue in the version of Froala I was using and it didn’t include a PR for a model initialization fix. So I manually updated the code.
If anyone wants to know how to integrate Froala on there just send me a message.

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Could you please share you code as example?

It would also be useful for me. can you share what you did?

I would also like to know how this is done. Can anybody share how to do this? Thank you very much.

Bump, me too! Thanks in advance.

Isn’t this just classic.

I would also like to see an example of this :slight_smile: