How to apply Search functionality for all the content types?

Hello Everyone,

I have implemented a web application using React JS (frontend) and Strapi 4 . In my application, a keyword based ‘Search’ functionality is required that will look into all the ‘Single Type’ and ‘Collection Type’ content. I found Strapi’s filter functionality but those works on individual api wise. But, I need a solution that will look into the whole Strapi CMS.

FYI: There are multiple ‘Single Type’ and ‘Collection Type’ contents in my application. Also, multple ‘Repeatable Components’ are also used within the ‘Single Type’ in my application.

Please help me on this.

@debashis.qba ,
More control over search logic and data handling. Requires more development effort to build and maintain the custom API.

Yes, but please specify what I need to do if I want to create a custom API to achieve this. I know there are documents for Entity Service API and Query Engine API. But, if I want to use them, what need to be done from the starting step by step, if you could suggest so, I will be thankful.