How to Build a Booking System with Strapi and Nuxt

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a simple hotel booking system with Strapi and NuxtJs. The hotel booking system will allow us to enter new guests into our database, send emails to our guests to notify them of their booking, and check out guests from the hotel.

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Hello, i’ve tryed to reproduce your booking system but it doen’t work which version of node do you use ?

Hey Sandro-git, I used version 14 of node.js

Hi, I have an issue with:
WARN Module @nuxtjs/strapi is disabled due to incompatibility issues:

  • [nuxt] Nuxt version ^3.0.0 || ^2.16.0 is required but currently using 2.15.8
  • [bridge] Nuxt bridge is required
    Which Nuxt version did you use?

Can this be updated to Strapi V4 by any chance?

hey i tried to do this tutorial, but in the end there are various incompatible parts (nuxt3 with tailwind, authenticate etc.), which are no longer working together. could you please update this tutorial? i would really appreciate it and would love to use strapi for my project. thank you in advance