How to build a like-system using strapi?

I was wondering if anybody has ever built a like-button or like-system using strapi?

I am building a small content-focused web-app using react and strapi. In the current state it is mainly to publish coaching material, documentation and explanatory content surrounding a bigger SaaS application. Customers should deepen their understanding on how to use our product in their business here.

Now I can already display articles in a surface where you need to log in. But I would love to give my users the option to like a post. This should help other users see what content was helpful to others as well as later help implement features to find content once liked more easily.

Has anyone ever built sth like that and could give me some insight on how the backend was done using Strapi? :slight_smile:

Cheers from Bavaria, Germany,

You can make a field for the article that represents likes, then make a route like /api/article/:id/like that activates a controller that +1 that like field in article. In the controller you use the Entity Service API to update the article.