How to Build a Simple CRUD Application Using Flutter and Strapi

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete (CRUD) application using Flutter and Strapi. We will call End-points provided to us by Strapi using the HTTP package in our app. We will build screens where different operations will take place, like adding/creating a new user, Retrieve User data, Updating user data, and Deleting data.

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I am warning you out of kindness towards my fellow community members.

Should someone try to write a guide on Strapi with Flutter, here are some tips: Don’t skip steps, watch the typos, don’t repeat yourself (yes, we get it, main.dart is the entry point, OK? But where is main.dart?), give objects sensible names: the subject is about a “frontend” but calls itself “backend” (huh?), and make sure it works, for goodness sakes! Also make sure the code in Github is a proper Flutter project and that it works, if it is not too much to ask. How about practice doing the tutorial yourself first before unleashing it on the unsuspecting public?

I have to agree with gerritonagoodday on this one. I get it that it is often desirable to simply convey “concepts”, but beginning developers will simply be left confused. Naming a collection type “App” (is this a list of apps?) and populating it with user content (Strapi already has Users) is not a good example.

@commentsBot I’m not sure why you invited me here, I’m not the author of the article, the author is Godwin Alexander Ekainu. I’m Alexander Godwin.

Sorry Alexander, my mistake!

I don’t think you saw the videos that shows the code and application works
What issues you are having I can see is naming convention

hi, please the video “test” is done on which url ? thx

This tutorial is very good… I really don’t get the hate behind it… the tutorial clearly conveys the topic and really explained the concepts very well…
It was down-to-earth

no hate, yes its a quick demonstration of the benefit, but i guess there is some issue between flutter and v4, or i had just some beginer issue, anyway i switched on basic tutorials that fit better my case

Here’s another great guide to get you started why flutter is the future