How to build an E-commerce Website with Nuxt.js and Strapi

In this tutorial, we are going to build an E-commerce store with Nuxt.js frontend, Strapi backend, Nodemailer for sending emails, and also integrate Stripe for payments. The E-commerce store we will build can be found here.

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Thank you for this article!
Unfortunately yarn add @nuxtjs/swal does not work (“Not found”). All I could find was nuxt-sweetalert2… Or did you, according to the “plugin” definition, actually want to install the vue-swal plugin?

Yeah, it was a mistake. It’s supposed to be vue-swal. Thanks for pointing that out.

Article totally fail. Nothing same with github as explained here. Not well explained. Once you check github repo better than this article, so you wont waste time. Plus you forgot your stripe keys in github repo.

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