How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Jekyll, Strapi, Snipcart and Tailwind CSS - 3 of 5

Welcome to the third part of our tutorial series, teaching you how to create an eCommerce website with Strapi, Jekyll, Tailwind CSS, and Snipcart. In the first part of the series, we completed our backend setup and our frontend installation. In the second part, we created the default layout of our eCommerce website.

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Do you try it with Strapi 4? I’m having a problem to obtain the collections with strapi.collections.articles for example

I already configure _config.yml with endpoint: http://localhost:1337/api

just like in Strapi - Building a static blog using Jekyll and Strapi


I have same problem. Did you find solution? In _confgi.yml I tried to use populate (from readme GitHub - strapi-community/jekyll-strapi: Jekyll plugin to retrieve content from any Strapi API.) to get relational collections, but it doesn’t work

      # Collection name (optional)
      type: new-pictures
      populate: "*"