How to can we hide some data in the Strapi admin dashboard?

Hi guys!

My team is working on a project in which we need to store different types of data regarding our clients. There are three main parts of the project. 1) Clients Information 2) Employees Information 3) Data regarding clients(for e.g. Incident report). We have assigned different client to different employees(Many to many relationship). An employee is going to login into the Strapi admin panel and add the information regarding his client.

The issue we are facing is that we don’t want to show the data for every client to every employee. An employee should only be able to see the data for his client. For example, we have two clients C1, C2 and three employees E1, E2, E3, we assigned client C1 to Employee E1, client C2 to employee E2 and clients C1, C2 to employee E3. If the client E2 login to the strap admin dashboard he should only be able to see and add data for client C2 where as if employee E3 login, he can do the data entry and view the data for client C1 and C2.

I think we need to play with the straps admin dashboard APIs but not sure where to start. 1) How can we get the information about who is currently logged In to the straps admin dashboard? How can we find the information about the assigned client for the employee who is currently logged In? Finally, how can I do the filtering on the data based on the assigned client to the logged In employee?

You can use the RBAC feature and assign permissions for Employers to access only their customers.

Hi @Pavi_Sidhu, did you find a solution for this?