How to change name from tittle "Strapi Admin"

Hi everyone how to change this tittle what file must be change?

thank you

You can extend strapi-admin/src/index.html in admin/src/index.html i believe

After spending hours, asking here. how and where to change below document titles in strapi Welcome to your Strapi app strapi admin any help

I just explained it above @Robert_Elite :slight_smile:
You have to extend as in make your own file, copy it from the strapi-admin package, and change the name.

In your project it would be admin/src/index.html

Thanks you for the reply, but i have been change as you instruction after run build the tittle not change still Strapi Admin when access in browser

Could you show the folder structure of your app ?

Hi sir, please see the folder structure

I think index.html needs to be inside src not outside it

Sorry sir, i have been add in 2 this file but same.

Hi come you have 2 admin folders?

.cache folder create after npm run build, other change work but change title not working

is there any way to inject components in header except that node_modules file changes and listView injectionZones is ther any proper way yet ? i want to show some analytics above listView on admin panel and i think in v4 we cannot extend admin panel let me know if theres a way



All texts that are shows in the page are provide of an translate archive, so you need to get the key on the translate archive and modify in your ‘./src/admin/app’.


export default {
  config: {
    locales: ['pt-BR'],
    tutorials: false,
    notifications: {
      releases: false,
    translations: {
      en: {
        'app.components.LeftMenu.navbrand.title': 'Dashboard'
      'pt-BR': {
        'app.components.LeftMenu.navbrand.title': 'Painel'
  bootstrap() {

Here you can see how to modify this with detail: Admin panel customization | Strapi Documentation

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hello, greetings @Marcosnto. Could you tell me where I can find that translation file you mentioned? I already added the ‘translations’ key in ./src/admin/app, but I don’t know the name of the keys :~