How to change the logo_login.png strapi

System Information
  • **Strapi Version3.5.2:
  • **Operating SystemmacOS:
  • **DatabaseSQL:
  • **Node Version12.18.3:
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version:

How to change this logo? I have changed the admin logo, top let logo. But could not change this logo. Need help.

Same issue, so following the thread…

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Same with me, haven’t find a solution yet…

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Take look at this post How to change the landing image in strapi? - Stack Overflow


I’ve found a work-around and added a custom index.html to the public folder.

That will replace the whole localhost:1337 page, and you won’t be able to see this environment status.

Yes, I’m aware of this, but for this project there is no need for this page. I redirect users from the index.html directly to /admin for now.

How did you redirect users to /admin ? What files did you customize ?

I’ve created an index.html in the public folder with a JavaScript

window.location.href = '/admin';
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I appreciate that Tim ! It was so helpful.