How to change title in login page?

hi guys,
i have a problem of changing the title in Login page of Strapi, i have tried many ways but they did not work with me. Can u please show me how to change the title ?


add this following translations in this file server\cms\src\admin\app.js

config: {
    translations: {
      en: {
        "Auth.form.welcome.title": "Welcome to Your App!",
        "Auth.form.welcome.subtitle": "Log in to your App",

Thanks. Maybe you know how can we check all existing texts that could be changed (translated)?
Didn’t find that info.

Thanks in advance.

you can find the translation strings here

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Just awesome. You saved me many hours vain documentation reading, thank you !

If you want to remove some context, you cannot just assign an empty string or null to the property, though. This hack it too limiting.