How to configure standard S3 Compatible

Hello everyone,
I’m new to strapi. I have a problem that needs everyone’s help.
I have installed strapi successfully. Strapi 4.24.1
I want to upload my files (image, video, pdf…) to Object Storage. I use because of the quality socks and good prices.
I used the plugin: @strapi/provider-upload-aws-s3
After I tried uploading my image, it showed up on idrivee2. I want to change the default domain name to another domain name. For example:, how should I configure it?
Here is my configuration:

    upload: {
        config: {
          provider: 'aws-s3',
          providerOptions: {
            credentials: {
              accessKeyId: env('IDRIVEE2_ACCESS_KEY_ID'),
              secretAccessKey: env('IDRIVEE2_ACCESS_SECRET'),
            region: env('IDRIVEE2_REGION'),
            endpoint: env('IDRIVEE2_ENDPOINT'),
            params: {
              Bucket: env('IDRIVEE2_BUCKET'),

I have successfully added the domain to idrivee2. When I get the url directly from idrivee2 and put it in the browser it works. But the Url returned on strapi is the root domain.
Is there any way to change it to my domain name? I think it’s a configuration issue in the strapi plugin.
Looking forward to everyone’s help. All comments help me learn a lot. Thank you everyone.

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i’ve tried this plugin with cloudflare R2 bucket and there is a setup for public URL provided by CDN hoster. Strapi only get back data from CDN provider i guess

or try to check your env variables on the strapi side ex WHATEVER_PUBLIC_ACCESS_URL